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Burns up to 15 kg in 30 days

*No contraindi­cations or side effects 100% Organic

Few carbs:
0,5 g per 1 portion

Keto diet has never been so comfortable yet!

Have a portion of Keto Bullet for breakfast — lose 0,5 kg every day

  • Reduces appetite

  • Fastens weight loss

  • Invigorates

  • Flushes out toxins

Keto Bullet formula:

5 secrets of your slim body

  • Instant coffee

    Fills the drink with amazing taste and flavor, invigorates and gives energy for the whole day
  • Chromium picolinate

    Helps to burn calories faster, makes it easier to lose weight, reduces fat deposits, reduces craving for foods
  • MCT oil

    Helps to get into ketosis faster, gives more energy, improves focus and memory, increases productivity.
  • Coconut pulp extract

    Compensates for the deficit of vitamins and useful microelements
  • Chiccory

    Suppresses hunger, reduces appetite, flushes out toxins, normalizes blood sugar level

Expert opinion on Keto Bullet

Alex Wilson, nutritionist

"Keto Bullet is more than just coffee!"

First, Keto Bullet is very tasty and filling thanks to MCT oil and coconut pulp. In fact, it’s a ready-made breakfast to have which you don’t have to wake up an hour earlier. Secondly, Keto Bullet keeps hunger under control and reduces the risks of failing low-carb diet. Thirdly, healthy fats containing in Keto Bullet stimulate burning of excess fat deposits, and you get slimmer and closer to reaching your goal every day. If you combine a keto diet and doing sports, muscle mass growth won’t be long in coming.

Keto Bullet F.A.Q.

  • * Is coffee with oil really tasty?
    Yes. Keto Bullet tastes like sweet coffee dessert. But, unlike coffee pudding which makes you feel hungry even before the lunch, Keto Bullet helps you to feel full until supper.
  • * Can I drink Keto Bullet if I don’t want to keep a classic keto diet and my only goal is to get rid of several excess kilos?
    Yes. Keto Bullet will speed up getting the effect and help to lose weight faster and become healthier and hardier and have more energy.
  • * How many sachets are there in 1 Keto Bullet pack?
    There’re 14 sachets in 1 Keto Bullet pack.
  • * Can I make my keto diet less strict if I drink Keto Bullet?
    Yes. MCT oil transforms fatty acids into ketones without your contribution, you can treat yourself to “restricted” sweets, as well as to pastry and semi-finished products more often. However, you should keep within bounds!
  • * How to take Keto Bullet?
    Dissolve the keep sachet in 250 ml of hot water and drink it for breakfast. Drink Keto Bullet every day as long as you keep the diet. Remember that keto diet shouldn’t last longer than 8 months.

You deserve having a hot body!


28 y.o.

A great addition to my keto diet! It’s much tastier than the coffee with milk I’m used to. The main point is that it really helps to lose weight! Without Keto Bullet, I would never get rid of these nasty 12 kg!


32 y.o.

I love this drink! It’s so tasty, so frothy… A nice bonus is that you can’t gain weight with Keto Bullet, you can only lose it!


40 y.o.

Amazing drink! It’s much easier to keep a diet with it. Usually, I don’t feel like eating after it. The less you eat, the more weight you lose!


26 y.o.

It’s smell is incredible! I replaced not only breakfasts, but also suppers with Keto Bullet. I’ve already lost 16 kg!


32 y.o.

It tastes like milkshake, but milkshakes bring you belly fat, unlike Keto Bullet, which has already made my belly fat go away.

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